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Contact me to schedule either one of these courses in your Church by using the Contact link at the top of this page. These courses work well as Sunday evening studies. However, with enough advance notice I might be able to work out another time slot. The course lengths listed represent what it takes to do the full content. I can tailor either one of these course lengths for your time availability up to a certain extent.

If done locally in the Charleston area, there is no charge. I do this solely as a ministry to the local Church.

Christian Worldview Studies: Thinking Like a Christian

Christians are called to take captive every thought, to make it obedient to Christ (2 Cor 10:5). Unfortunately, many believers tend to compartmentalize their lives. We separate the “sacred” from the secular, but the Christian life was never meant to be separated into two factions. We have areas of our lives where we think the church should have influence and other areas where we have either been taught, or have come to believe somehow need to be left alone as purely secular. This “compartmentalization” is completely anathema to Biblical Christianity. You and I were meant to bring the truths of the scripture to bear on the culture all around us.

The scriptures speak to all areas of life either specifically or principally and Christianity is the one belief system that is relevant to all of life because it is based upon truth. We are called to think like Christ, to have the mind of Christ (Romans 12:1-2).This course is designed to look at major areas of life/culture/society and challenge believers to learn to think biblically about all areas of our lives. Claiming Christ does not imbue the believer with a Christian Worldview, however, the Holy Spirit of God enables us to understand and develop our thinking toward the mind of Christ. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the Christian today to make an intentional effort to develop a biblical worldview.

In ten weeks the course covers the following areas to encourage a mindset to think biblically about all facets of life:

q  Theology – Is there a God, and what is God like?

q  Philosophy – What is real, and what is true?

q  Biology – What is the origin of life?

q  Psychology – What is the basic nature of mankind?

q  Ethics – What is right?

q  Sociology – How should society be structured?

q  Law – What is the basis for law?

q  Politics – What is the purpose of government?

q  Economics – Do the scriptures have anything to say about this area? If so, what do they tell us about economics?

q  History – How should we interpret human events?


            Christian Worldview Studies: The United States Constitution and American Government

As Christian citizens living in a land that God has bestowed liberty unlike no other in history, there is a crucial need for us to get a clear understanding of the United States Constitution and American Government.

The times in which we live make it imperative that we understand how our government is supposed to function under the Federal Constitution. The Bible commands us to take “every thought captive to obey Christ (2 Cor 10:5). Unfortunately, for far too many Christians today, the last thing they think about when it comes to spiritual things is their government and the United States Constitution.

This course will cover how we can bring glory to God as we pursue an understanding of the Biblical Worldview of civil government and our nation’s history from a Biblical perspective. We trace the providential hand of God from the time of the Reformation up through the ratification of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The course will cover all major areas of the Federal Constitution including a very close look at areas of great importance to Christians in our country. To do this we will look at several Supreme Court cases that have shaped the current environment in which we live today. A proper understanding of the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses is something every American Christian should seek to have in order to protect these special God given liberties. We will also look at several specific cases in depth (i.e. Roe v Wade) so as to understand the importance of adhering to the original intent of the framers.

In order for us to develop our Christian Worldview of government and specifically our nations government, it is imperative for us to understand the historical truths and connect the dots for the Biblical Worldview about limited government under the Rule of Law. This is not simply another talk or class about history and government; this is about developing an in-depth understanding of this subject from a Biblical Worldview in order to bring Glory to God with our thoughts and actions concerning our government.

Christian Worldview Studies

United States Constitution and American Government

Syllabus / Outline

Week # 1         Biblical Worldview of Government – What is the purpose of government?


Week # 2         Connecting the Biblical Worldview “dots” - Historical Background of the United States Constitution

Week # 3         Historical Background of the United States Constitution (and the failure of the Articles of Confederation)

Week # 4         United States Constitution

Week # 5         United States Constitution

Week # 6         Article I

Week # 7         Article I – The Constitution as the Rule of Law

Week # 8         Article II – Executive Branch

Week # 9         Article III – Judicial Branch

Week # 10       Article III – Judicial Branch (Continued), Article IV, Article V, Article VI, Article VII

Week # 11       Interpreting the Constitution (Original Intent vs The “Living Constitution”)

Week # 12       Bill of Rights, Presidential Electoral Process, and Roe v. Wade

"Having known Bob Menges for more than thirty years has given me a front row seat to observe his growing love for Christ, his church, the United States of America, and the United States Constitution. Several years ago I encouraged Bob to develop two teaching tracks for the discipleship ministry at Northwood Baptist Church. As a result, he wrote curricula for two first class teaching segments: [Christian Worldview Studies: Thinking Like a Christian]; and, [Christian Worldview Studies: The United States Constitution and American Government]. Both of these courses were taught at Northwood Baptist Church and were praised by those who sat under Bob’s teaching, both for the excellent content and Bob’s teaching gift. Since then Bob has taught this material in several other settings that has enriched the churches and people involved.
Please know my love and respect for this man, his passion for living the Christian worldview, and his call to make disciples of all nations."  

Dr. Chester H. (Sonny) Holmes, Jr.
Retired Pastor,
Northwood Baptist Church,
North Charleston, SC

President of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, 2010


"It is the duty of every pastor to make sure the flock God has entrusted to him has been taught how to think Christianly. Every American Christian needs to recognize the great blessing God has bestowed upon us in our nation. The Lord used the teaching of Bob Menges and these two worldview classes to great avail at Doorway Baptist Church. Our members can’t wait until he comes back again."

Peter Beck
Lead Pastor,
Doorway Baptist Church
North Charleston, SC


"Bob Menges presented his Christian Worldview Studies course on the United States Constitution and American Government at our church in the Fall of 2014 and it was a tremendous blessing.  Bob’s knowledge of Scripture, combined with his grasp of American history, equips him with a uniquely Christian perspective on God’s role in the founding of our nation and on the biblical intentions of the framers of the Constitution.  I highly recommend this class to your church."

David Coleman
Senior Pastor,
Crowfield Baptist Church
Goose Creek, SC

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