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"My friend Bob Menges is a knowledgeable and engaging teacher of the Constitution. He has used my Constitutional Law materials for over 16 years and has effectively taught the principles of freedom,  and limited government under the Rule of Law to hundreds of high school students, churches, and other citizen groups across the Southeast. Bob also worked with me on the Convention of States Project since its inception.”

- Michael Farris is President, CEO, and General Counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom. Mike is also the founder of Home School Legal Defense Association and was Chancellor of Patrick Henry College.

We have a huge problem in our nation today. A large portion of our citizenry have not been trained in the basics of how our government is supposed to work under the United States Constitution. The Constitution is the "manual" for our government. The times in which we live make it imperative that young students learn how our government is supposed to function under the Federal Constitution. The Bible commands us to take “every thought captive to obey Christ (2 Cor. 10:5). Unfortunately, for far too many Christians today, the last thing they think about when it comes to spiritual things is their government and the United States Constitution.

Michael Farris of Home School Legal Defense Association, one of the finest Constitutional scholars in the nation, authored a course for high school students entitled “Constitutional Law for Enlightened Citizens”. This is the textbook I use for this course along with an added history component at the very beginning. I have taught the course to home school students for the last 15 years and offer this course every year to 10th – 12th graders. The course will give any young Christian a solid foundation on many issues facing us as citizens today, including the right to home school.  The course covers the history of the U.S. Constitution and 30 specific Supreme Court cases including Roe v. Wade. We also usually take a trip in April to the South Carolina Supreme Court to sit in on actual appellate cases and to the Statehouse to observe the SC General Assembly in session.

The course runs two semesters (the entire school year) and students are required to purchase their own textbook (2nd Edition "Constitutional Law for Enlightened Citizens). Students will be required to write several short papers during the course. Make no mistake about it, this is a high level course, but I take the students through the material step by step. All that is required is for your student to be willing to work hard and they will have no problem at all and will be well versed in how our government is supposed to work under the Rule of Law (United States Constitution).

The course is taught on Thursday evenings from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM at Northwood Baptist Church in North Charleston and runs from the first Thursday in Sept – to the first Thursday in May. The cost is $250 for the year; however I also do this course as a ministry to those that have hardship. If this fee presents a problem for you, please talk to me one on one and I will work with you and/or give a scholarship. I do not want anyone to not take the course due to financial difficulties.

If you have a 10th – 12th grader that you would like to see take this course or have questions on course specifics after looking over the syllabus, please e-mail me at bobmenges@bellsouth.net and put the word "Constitution" somewhere in the subject line.

Click here for the current course syllabus: 2016-2017_Constitutional_Law_Syllabus.pdf
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"Both of my daughters had the privilege of taking Bob Menges' high school course, Constitutional Law / American Government. It was a privilege because the course was so much more than studying the U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court cases. Bob's love for this country and his enthusiasm for the Constitution made law and government come alive, not only during class time, but also throughout our daily conversations. My daughters' futures do not lie in government, but they were already concerned about being responsible citizens. This course gave them the tools and understanding they needed to fully comprehend their rights and responsibilities -- and to understand the powers and limits of the U.S. government under the Constitution. The study of Supreme Court cases opened the door for them to see how so much more than voting is required of our citizenry. This was not just a course for high school credit; it was a gift that will serve them well throughout their adult lives." ~  Laura Rotta, PhD, Charleston, SC

"My two teens took Bob’s excellent Constitutional Law/American Government class.  He clearly stated the course objectives and student goals and expectations at the beginning of the year.  Bob spent a couple of class periods talking about the founding of America and shared a detailed historical timeline with the students.    Using Mike Farris’s book Constitutional Law for Enlightened Citizens, the teens were able to understand the importance of being informed citizens.  The bulk of the course dealt with studying 30 US Supreme Court cases and how those decisions affected our society in a very real way.  The highlight of the course was traveling to Columbia and sitting in on three South Carolina Supreme Court cases and observing the SC Senate from the gallery. These experiences brought the course full circle in that my teens were able to see in action the workings of two of the branches of government. I highly recommend this class to others." ~  Denise Kroninger, Charleston, SC

"My daughter is in the throes of completing a course in Constitutional Law taught by Bob Menges.  This two-semester course has proved to be an invaluable experience, not only for our daughter, but for all of us.  She realizes now after studying for her final exam how much she has learned.  It has dramatically increased her awareness, not to mention interest, in current affairs.  This course has also enhanced the value and understanding of the the history that we have been studying concurrently.  The grand finale to the course was a field trip to the State Supreme Court where we observed the court in session, followed by a visit to the Senate and House.   Mr. Menges' knowledge and familiarity with the system truly made this a most informative and intriguing experience for all who had the privilege of attending. A huge resounding thank you to Bob Menges is in order! ~  Christine Elliott, Charleston, SC

"My son has thoroughly enjoyed the Constitutional Law course this year. He was a bit reluctant at the beginning of the year – not sure what Mom was signing him up for ...haha!  It has been amazing to see how informed he has become with the original intent of the framers. Just recently, we heard about the Clemson football coach coming under fire for some of his actions with the team. Isaac was able to recognize right away the truth and how the coach was in alignment with the Constitution and had done nothing wrong. Isaac cited similar cases to support the coach." Donna Porter, Charleston, SC

Bob teaches a high school course on Constitutional Law and American Government for home schooled students grades 10-12. This course runs from the first week in September through the first week of May every school year.
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