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Bob testifies before the South Carolina Senate Judiciary subcommittee on March 11, 2015 concerning S 198, the Article V Convention of States Project resolution. Here Bob is explaining a portion of Article V to the Senate Subcommittee.


Bob presented the Article V Convention of States Project to the Aiken Republican Club on November 12, 2014. The crowd of about 150 was very enthusiastic about the Convention of States Project. Click on the image to read the newspaper article about the event.

Bob testified along side Constitutional Scholar Michael Farris before the South Carolina House Judiciary Committee Constitutional Law Subcommittee on April 3rd, 2014. Making the case for H4372 calling for South Carolina's Article V Application for a Convention of States.

Bob spoke to the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Annual Convention about the Convention of States (COS) Project. January 18th, 2014 - Myrtle Beach, SC. Click anywhere on the image to watch and listen to Bob's talk.

Bob provided a briefing to the Palmetto Gun Club membership on September 17th (Constitution Day). He taught the history and original intent of the 2nd Amendment and provided an update on current 2nd Amendment issues before the South Carolina General Assembly.

Bob conducted two sessions at the Iron Sharpens Iron National Men's Equipping Conference in Charleston, SC on August 10th, 2013. He spoke about the dire need for today's Christian men to learn to "Think" like Christians and develop a Biblical Worldview so that they might effectively engage the culture around them for Christ.

Coastal Home Educators Conference, Beaufort, SC June 15th, 2013

Bob speaks about the Constitution and Limited Government to the Greater Charleston Civitan Club May 7th, 2013.  Click here to read about what Bob had to say to the group.

Bob speaks on the steps of the South Carolina Statehouse Feb 21, 2013 in opposition to anti Homeschooling bill H3478.

Bob was the weekend guest speaker for the Citadel and University of South Carolina Valor/Officers Christian Fellowship (OCF) retreat 15-17 Feb 2013.  - Bonnie Doone Planation, Walterboro, SC

Bob speaks on the Constitution to Mt. Pleasant, SC 9.12 Project meeting (Jan 10, 2013).


I decided to use Bob Menges’ online US Constitution videos to give my 9th grader a more in depth study of the constitution, and I have to say I got way more out of the videos than I ever expected. I loved the knowledge that Bob brings to the table and the way that he refers back to the Bible for rock solid proof of his point of view. I found that we ended up going off in many directions with each video because it made us want to know more. It was amazing how everything just made sense and drew us in. We ended up spending much more time than expected on the videos because we felt like there was so much information that we wanted to actually write down and remember . We learned so much! I learned right along with my daughter, and I really feel that every American should watch Bob’s videos. ~  Vikki Crawford, Homeschool Mom   April 11, 2014

On behalf of the Palmetto Gun Club Executive Committee and Membership, I would like to extend our sincerest thanks for your actions to change our South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit law, giving more freedom to carry concealed weapons in the state. Your tireless efforts to write a change to the law, gather support and sponsorship in the legislature for S0308 have ultimately prevailed to allow CWP holders to defend themselves when dining out in restaurants that also serve alcoholic beverages as long as they are not drinking. Your competent and relentless work over three years to provide actual facts and logical debate was instrumental in the final victory when Governor Haley signed the bill into effect on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014. Please accept our most sincere thanks for your support of our Second Amendment rights.  
  ~  Chester A. Cox, President and for the Executive Committee and PGC Membership
.    February 18, 2014

On 17 October 2013, the patriotic Americans making up the Exchange Club of Charleston were treated to Bob Menges’s thoughtful commitment to federalism and the US Constitution’s separation of powers.  Exchange Clubs and Bob Menges share a deep and abiding  appreciation for the genius of the US Constitution.  Bob’s address capped off a meeting during which the Exchange Club honored a “Defender of the Constitution”, the second year this award has been given by the club to a Lowcountry citizen.  Bob Menges easily qualifies as a spirited defender of the Constitution, as few laymen meet his standard of excellence when gleaning away the chaff which too many of us lazily overlook when studying the Framers’ original intent.  We fail to speak out against what the three branches of federal government have pushed upon or allowed to creep into the interpretation of our fundamental law.  Bob is entertaining and thought provoking.  I recommend him to any organization or institution looking for meaty commentary and calls for action to understand and defend the world’s longest enduring written national constitution.  It is not too late!
~  Frederick J. Whittle, President, SC District Exchange Clubs

Dear Mr. Menges, please accept our sincerest thanks for the presentation at The Palmetto Gun Club's September monthly meeting.  Your discussion of the history, significance and application of the U.S. Constiutution and Bill of Rights were very interesting.  Your explanation of the historical significance of the political environment that drove the Bill of Rights, and specifically the Second Amendment was most informative.  It is very apparent that your grasp of our Constiututional history is very extensive.  Thank you for being a part of our educational programs.
 ~  Chip Stehmeyer, Chief Instructor, Palmetto Gun Club, Sep 17, 2013

Robert Menges is truly an expert in US Constitutional Law and the history that surrounds it.  However one thing that sets him apart is his fun & interesting way of discussing the topic and educating the audience.  His enthusiasm for the topic is infectious and leads to lots of discussion with the audience.  How ironic that he spoke to the Greater Charleston Civitan Club about the US Constitution shortly before it became public information that the Internal Revenue Service has been targeting groups and individuals who seek to provide education and awareness of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights!
~ Frank Delustro, President, Greater Charleston Civitan Club

Mr. Menges has been teaching Constitutional Law to high school students for fourteenyears. I was a student of his just 4 years ago, and that class helped mold my passion and goals for a future career in government. Mr. Menges set high expectations and showed great passion for our government and it's founding documents, and consequently instilled a deep respect within us for our nation. He undoubtedly exhibits the character and tenacity of one ready to lead our state forward in these times. I cannot think of a more poignant time and position for someone of Mr. Menges standing than right now and right here in South Carolina. Let us lead the way back to our Founding principles with Bob Menges!
~ Sarah Wallace

I met Bob 6 years ago at work and immediately knew he wasn't your average person talking about government.  Bob is a Constitutional scholar.  He eats, lives, and breathes the Founding Father's words.  I can think of no one better to make the case for Conservatism than Bob Menges.  He will fight for South Carolina and he will fight for the country.
~ David Pechacek

Bob Menges is exactly the individual that we need in the Senate to represent South Carolina. His extensive background in Constitutional matters makes him uniquely qualified to guide this country when so many others seem to think the Constitution is optional reading. Replacing a solid fiscal conservative like Jim Demint is a monumental task, but Bob Menges holds the core values that will allow him to step up to the challenge.
~ Ellis Callicoat

We have an opportunity that rarely presents itself, with Senator Jim DeMint resigning his Senate seat; we need to make sure the open position is filled with a strong Constitutional Conservative. Bob Menges is exactly the type of Leader we need in this critical time for our state and Country. Bob believes in the Rule of Law and will uphold the United States Constitution, because he believes and understands it, he has been teaching a Constitutional Law and American Government Class for the past 14 years.  Bob is a Retired Military Veteran that unselfishly served our country for over 20 years in the United States Air Force. I have known and worked directly with Bob for over 25 years, his work ethic, business practices, and personal integrity, definitely make him the right person to fill this position.
~Danny Pell

Having met Bob Menges last year as my Constitutional Law teacher, I've come to know him as indescribably humble, yet wise beyond measure. He is a man whose greatest desire is to return the nation to its original, intended roots, and his desire is not an empty one. He strives to make this a reality through teaching Constitutional Law classes and becoming as enlightened about political and historical events as possible. I believe his character and integrity are what this nation needs in a leader-and where better to begin this than in the Senate?
~ Hailey Barker

We need to stop electing people to office because of their name or because they have been around. We need to elect people to office who know the United States Constitution and understand the checks set in place. They need to understand where their authority comes from and what that authority is. Until we start electing people based on their knowledge of the founding documents and willingness to fight for what is right along with their understanding of the legislative process, we are going to continue to see the same decline in our freedoms and the continuing movement toward more of what is wrong with our government right now. Bob Menges is this man with these qualifications.
~ Will Beasley
Bob has delivered his message on Christian Worldview and/or the United States Constitution to groups both large and small and is available for Speaking, Consulting and Teaching on the United States Constitution and for offering training from short briefings to full length courses.

If you are interested in scheduling Bob Menges for a speaking engagement please contact us.

Click on the image above for an in-depth presentation on the history and process of Article V and the Convention of States Project.

Approximately 1.5 hours with Q&A. Recorded 12-07-2014

Click on the image above to watch the Constitution Primer and Article V / Convention of States presentation Bob gave to the Lowcountry Conservatives In Action monthly meeting in Summerville, SC. February 4th, 2014.  Session runs 1 Hour 18 Minutes.

Click here to listen to a message that Bob presented on Romans 13 at Restoration Community Church in North Charleston, SC 6/1/2014. The Biblical Worldview of submission to "governing authorities". What it means and what it does not mean in context of all of scripture.
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