Bob Menges resides in Summerville, South Carolina with his wife, Patti.  They have three daughters that they homeschooled all the way through high school and now are proud grandparents.  Bob is a retired US Air Force veteran with over 20 years service on active duty and now works as a Technical Training Manager. 

He has served as a Deacon and Bible teacher for almost 30 years. As a Christian his passion has always been to serve his country.  He has made it one of his most passionate efforts to teach believers about the Christian Worldview and how to "think like a Christian".  He is a constitutional scholar and expert that has spent hundreds of hours studying Supreme Court cases in order to use them to teach others how our government is supposed to work, as well as how it is not supposed to work.  He provides instruction and offers consulting services on the United States Constitution, and the principles of limited government and individual liberty.  Over the last 16 years he has taught almost 200 home schooled high school students his 9 month course on Constitutional Law and American Government.  He has also taught courses on the United States Constitution to large groups of adults in seminars and conferences in order to equip them to be able to hold elected officials accountable to the Rule of Law. 

Bob is the co author of the "United States Constitution and Christianity" section in the five volume Encyclopedia of Christianity in The United States published in November 2016 by Rowman & Littlefield.

In 2010, he served as a consultant and mentor on the United States Constitution for his friend Tim Scott when he ran successfully for the United States House of Representatives (now United States Senator from SC). He trained him specifically on Article I, Section 8; the portion of the Constitution which enumerates the specific and limited powers granted to the federal government. Most recently (2014) Bob served as a Constitutional advisor for the Det Bowers United States Senate campaign and as the Senior Campaign Advisor for his friend Curtis Bostic's campaign for a United States Congressional seat (2013).

Convention of States Project Effort

In September of 2013, at the request of friend and mentor Michael Farris (President, CEO, and General Counsel Alliance Defending Freedom), Bob accepted the volunteer position as the South Carolina State Director for the Convention of States (COS) Project and served in this role through July 2017. The Convention of States Project is a nationwide grassroots effort to call for an Article V Convention of States for the purpose of proposing amendments to the United States Constitution that will limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. In 2015 Bob served for nine months in a full time position on the national staff of the COS Project as a Regional Legislative Director leading and managing the grassroots teams in 11 other states file the exact same Article V application for a Convention of States.

Click the image below to watch an interview with Bob explaining why he got involved in the Convention of States Project and an explanation of what the effort is all about.


Work Authoring Legislation to Restore 2nd Amendment Liberty in South Carolina

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signs S308 into law.  Bob authored a bill to correct a flaw in South Carolina's Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) statute that prohibited CWP holders from exercising their 2nd Amendment liberties in restaurants that serve alcohol. Bob then convinced his State Senator, Sean Bennett to introduce and sponsor the bill. After over two years of working with legislators in both the SC Senate and the House, Bob's 2nd Amendment liberty restoring bill was signed into state law on February 11, 2014. Click here to watch and listen to Governor Haley explain the change to the law

On behalf of the Palmetto Gun Club Executive Committee and Membership, I would like to extend our sincerest thanks for your actions to change our South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit law, giving more freedom to carry concealed weapons in the state. Your tireless efforts to write a change to the law, gather support and sponsorship in the legislature for S0308 have ultimately prevailed to allow CWP holders to defend themselves when dining out in restaurants that also serve alcoholic beverages as long as they are not drinking. Your competent and relentless work over three years to provide actual facts and logical debate was instrumental in the final victory when Governor Haley signed the bill into effect on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014. Please accept our most sincere thanks for your support of our Second Amendment rights.  
  ~  Chester A. Cox, President and for the Executive Committee and PGC Membership
.    February 18, 2014

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